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Medical imaging
Laboratory analysis
Medical staff
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Connected hospitals

Key benefits

Digital state-of-the-art integrated Healthcare Management System

Patient Healthcare Account

The next level of Electronic Healthcare Record

And there's more

Everything your organization needs in one place.

Connected organization, improved processes
Patients Management System
Electronic Healthcare Records
Staff productivity and communication
Full patient journey coverage
Real time consumption and distribution monitoring
Real time treatments monitoring
Payments processing
Full marketplace integration for access to latest innovations in real time
and more ...

AI Powered

Artificial Intelligence powered features for better prevention, innovative diagnosis, remote care, rehabilitation, continuous monitoring, anomaly detection, forecasting, simulation. Stay pro-active. Be prepared. Plan strategically.


General practice

Patient management, prescriptions, treatments, remote care. All in one place in real time.

Pro-actively monitor patients remotely and get analysis and anomaly detections. Exchange data in real time in a consistent and confidential manner so that your patients get the best possible care.
General practice

Stay connected

You and all your team members and patients connected in real time. Communicate, anytime, anywhere.

Remote care

Provide best in class services remote. Monitor in real time and stay close to your patients.


A fully featured, AI powered platform for exceptional service providers. offers you the possibility to become a digital organization in the smoothest, cleanest, most efficient and effective way possible. Are you ready? Are you up for the challenge? If yes, join the digital era now.

Simple is better

Efficient and effective tools that aim at letting you and your team do what you do best provide exceptional medical services. They support you in real time so that you can be where you must be and be prepared and pro-active.

Connected is better

The network is key. The network is efficient, effective and real time. All features for all your requirements and constraints in one place. is the platform to help you get from good to great in all aspects, from before the patient steps through your door up to intelligent strategy.


Real time connection, communication and data exchange. Fully integrated into the network. connects your labs to the Healthcare Network, gives your team all the tools they need to stay at the forefront and run the most complex analysis and trials.

Clinical trials

Clinical analysis and trials made easy. Full digital integration and target audience management.

Real time

Real time continuous monitoring and data exchange. Patient management system and communication. Full marketplace integration to gain access to the latest available developments.


Real time consumption and distribution monitoring for better planning.

Continuously monitor market consumption and distribution. Get real time analysis and forecasting. Select your target audience, run clinical trials, monitor the effectiveness of your products.


Get unseen before access to data relevant to you in real time, eliminate waste in production, pro-actively prepare.


Know beforehand. AI powered algorithms instantly spot anomalies, analyse and predict the efficiency and effectiveness of your products.


No additional costs. Full and unlimited access.

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Everything healthcare in one place

Your organization's management system as a service.


State of the art digital healthcare

Never seen before access offered by a full set of integrated features and devices.


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