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Medical imaging
Medical staff
Hospital bed
Medical wearable
Laboratory analysis
Connected hospitals
Digital clinical record

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Digital state-of-the-art integrated healthcare features and devices

The Healthcare Account

The next level of Clinical Record

Like a Bank account: private, safe, secure, confidential.
PCI DSS standards.
No PII data sharing.
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Healthcare Account

Why Kliniq?

All in one place. Anywhere. Anytime.

  • Remote care
  • Innovative diagnosis
  • Precision medicine
  • Healthcare continuity

The Healthcare Network

Kliniq has developed an integrated set of features & devices to help in prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and rehabilitation.

Telemedicine & Teleconsulting
Digital therapeutics
Wearable medical devices
Biometrics & Nutrition monitoring
Mental & Physical support solutions
Smart elderly care and lifestyle
Personalized healthcare tools
Point of care diagnosis
Clinical trial digitization
Digital patient journey
AI Diagnosis (body fluids, audio, imaging)
AI Prediction & Prognosis
API & Data interoperability
Corporate welfare solutions

All in one place

Healthcare. Anywhere. Anytime.


Changing the paradigm

Connecting the Healthcare systems for better care.



If you or your organisation are in one of these medical related categories get in touch now to see how Kliniq can add value to your activity and together how we can change the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare.

Practitioner, General practice, Hospital, Laboratory, Research & Development, Education, MedTech, Pharma, Publishing, Insurance

Marius Boitor
"Knowledge and data spread faster inside the network than any disease.
Together we're stronger."

Marius Boitor


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